Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Q&T : Milk Chocolate-Walnut Coffee Cake

Hi fellow bakers,

Have you made this cake yet? Any tips to share? Please leave all questions and baking tips at the comment section.

Thank you for sharing your experience, helpful tips and advises for our previous bake! 

Happy Baking!


  1. Hi there. Try my Mocha Cherry Cake with Maple Butter Glaze - just add walnuts:
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  2. Hi all,
    I've made the cake, it is soft and tender, and really nice. Perfect with a cup of coffee!

  3. I made it too. Love this cake very much.

  4. I've made the cake too! Really very good! It's my breakfast for the week ;) The cake base is really pretty light and soft and not too overly buttery. I did reduce the sugar a little bit so the sweetness is just right for me. The combination of walnuts, chocolate and cinnamon-sugar is really awesome!

  5. I made it just awhile ago. I like the top crust the most. The nce aroma filled the kitchen when it was half way baking. Awesome!
    Eileen@hundred eighty degrees

  6. I got my milk chocolate this morning!