Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheese-Swirled Chocolate Bundt Cake

Our First Bake !

Welcome to The Home Bakers

Welcome fellow bakers! Today marks the first time that we are baking together! Please leave your link for the Cheese-Swirled Chocolate Bundt Cake at the linky below,  and leave your comment at the comment section. Don't forget to visit each other! Thank you!

59 more yummies to go!!


  1. Baked mine accordingly to the full recipe and in bundt form.. cut a slice when it was cool enuf ... ate it... can't make up my mind about. Will have another slice in the morning and let you gurls know! LOL

  2. Hi everyone,
    My post is up! Looking forward to read everyone's post! :)

  3. hi, linked up mine already :)
    sorry somehow i was dreaming and typed no.4 before my name :P

  4. Feedback from 1st recipient: I finished all the cake you left this morning! and love it that you did not make it so sweet! ;)

  5. emily, such a sweet feedback you got!!

  6. Comment for Jasline here cos I could not leave comments at wordpress :(

    Hi Jasline,

    Your cupcake version looks FAB! and DELISH!
    I baked mine for 50mins after reading the comments at THB!

    1. Aww thank you Emily (sorry I only saw it now... haha)

      Oh I wonder what's wrong with the comment function of wordpress... I'll go check it out, hopefully you can comment there next time! :)